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Introduction to the VUB/ULB software distribution system

The Computing Centre obtained several site licences for various commercial software packages on Macintosh, PC and UNIX platforms. The scope of these licences ranges from 'campus wide' to 'single user'. Members of our VUB/ULB community can purchase these products from the Computing Centre at special conditions.

On these web-pages you can find out more about the available packages, prices & policy. You can also order the packages online, using our Softweb 'Order campus licences online'. Depending on the size of the package, distribution will be through the Intranet or on CD/DVD via internal mail.

Available packages
The current choice of available products resulted from an earlier software enquiry at both universities. If you are in need of some other software for which a widespread interest might exist, don't hesitate to about it. We will do our best to adapt the licence to our users needs.

A detailed list & link to the manufacturer's description of each product can be found under the menu 'Available software sources'.

The obtained licences vary from 'campus wide' to 'single user' depending on the product. Inevitably the scope of each licence has its effect on the individual fees: the discount per product may vary!

Some softwares are offered as 'one time only' purchases, others come with a one year support clause and annual renewal fees. The annually payable packages are valid for a period of one calendar year (until the end of the year in which they are ordered). The annual fee drops from 100% to 50% when ordered in the second halve of the year (1 July - 31 December).

The products can only be purchased by personnel of the VUB or ULB university and should only be used for academic purposes. Each purchase is registered and restricted to the person ordering it. It is not allowed to make extra copies for personal use or that of others.

In case of limited user licences, the products will be distributed on a first come first serve base until the maximum number of users is reached. A possible licence expansion may be considered when justified by enough demand.

The products can be ordered online through Softweb 'Order campus licences online'. After selecting your software, you are invited to enter the necessary ordering data and generate/print an according order form.
Once this order & payment are received by the Computing Centre, you will be notified through email. Most software products can be downloaded from a protected web site. Very larger packages will be sent to you on CD/DVD(s) by internal mail.
If any books/manuals are included, they will be sent along.

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